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In order to improve your oral hygiene, it is important to always make sure that you take the necessary steps to clean between your teeth. Oftentimes, individuals forget to use interdental cleaning tools to rinse out plaque and debris that may be left behind between teeth. To help improve your oral health care, consider using tools such as dental floss or water flossers. Depending on your oral health care needs and personal preferences, your dentist can help determine which form of interdental cleaner will work best for you.

Many individuals often prefer using water flossers for their interdental care. This is because water flossers use beams of water and tend to be easier to operate. If you are a senior or suffer from knee, joint or muscle pains, flossing with thread may prove to be too difficult. As an alternative, use a water flosser. If you have previous tooth restorations in place such as bridges, dentures, crowns or orthodontic aligners, it may be beneficial to switch to a water flosser, as they can effectively clean areas that dental floss may not be able to reach.

If you choose to use traditional dental floss, make sure that you’re using it effectively. Also, you may want to make sure that it will not tear upon use. If your floss continues to tear, consider switching to a shred-resistant floss such as single filament thread. When flossing between your teeth, always focus on flossing for two to three minutes each session, while making sure you clean the areas between every tooth and the teeth in the back row. To prevent cross contamination, never use the same section of a thread between more than one gap. To accomplish this, use strands that are roughly 18 inches in length so you can wrap it around a finger on each hand and move up and down the strand as needed.

The superb oral health happiness you seek is one step closer thanks to interdental cleaners. To visit our dentist office in University Place, Washington, you are welcome to call us at 253-564-7645. Dr. Dennis Burrell and our entire team want to help learn more about your options to clean your smile as intended.