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It would take quite some time to list off the uses of dental crowns or their many benefits that enhance and strengthen your smile. In fact, with proper care, your dental crown can endure through many decades of wear, and some patients actually enjoyed their high-quality dental crowns for a lifetime. We invite you to learn more about dental crowns and how they can change your smile beyond treating a decayed tooth.

Your dental crown will look like a hollow tooth-shaped cap that covers any area of the tooth above the gum line. Our dentist can recommend a dental crown to conceal a badly stained tooth so that we don’t need to extract it. The custom design of each dental crown ensures stunning and natural-looking results that are sure to benefit your smile.

Depending on the treatment you need, you can pair a dental crown with other dental treatments. This includes root canal treatment and a large dental filling that can’t correct a badly-worn or damaged tooth on its own. The dental crown can support these treatments, strengthen the tooth, and ensure the overall process is successful. Even tooth replacement options such as bridges and implants often use dental crowns.

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