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It’s a far too common occurrence that dental patients need to be told they need to practice daily flossing. It’s a shocking statistic that over 80% of patients confess to their dentist that they do not practice any regular flossing!

Yes, we know that you’ve been told just how important flossing is, and we’re going to tell you again anyway. You need to floss daily! It doesn’t matter how often or well you brush your teeth, there are places that the brush can’t reach. This is why flossing is needed to clean your teeth.

Leftover food particles and plaque hide in-between your teeth, and by flossing you clean them away. This helps you prevent the development of cavities and tooth decay while also protecting the health of your gums by lowering the risk of contracting gingivitis.

Daily flossing will also help you have fresher breath.

If you are finding it difficult to develop a daily brushing regimen, we have a couple of tips to help you find success in your efforts. If you find flossing difficult and time-consuming, floss picks and floss handles are a quick and effective alternative to regular flossing. If you’re finding it difficult to remember to floss daily, you could set a reminder in your smartphone, or perhaps put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror.

Practicing proper oral care daily will make sure your teeth last you for years to come. Scheduling regular checkups is also important. Please call Dr. Dennis Burrell and Associates, PC in University Place, Washington, to set up your cleaning with your dentist Dr. Dennis Burrell today!