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A temporomandibular joint, also called a TMJ, is a ball and socket joint within your jaw that works to move your mouth as you need it to through talking or eating. Thanks to our TMJs on each side of our jaws, we can speak properly, open and fully close out mouths, and chew food effectively to ensure proper digestion can occur. However, due to the complicated nature of the joints, they can be damaged rather easily, leading to TMJ disorders, also called TMDs.

If your TMJs become injured, they must be properly treated. Listen to your joints to find out if you have popping noises when you open and close your mouth. If you experience joint pain, use a heat pack. If you suffer from inflammation, use an ice pack. If your TMJs bother you, it might be the sign of another disorder such as bruxism, or teeth grinding.

Stress can play a large role in the creation of a TMJ disorder, so consider adding stress relievers to your daily life. This can include yoga, calming and relaxing music, biofeedback, and any other stress relievers that can help you calm your nerves. Be careful about certain foods and drinks you eat, as they can aggravate or worsen your TMJ disorder.

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