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Are you aware of the risk factors that contribute to jaw and facial pain? Unfortunately, there are several different causes and risk factors associated with it. In order to find out what the exact cause of your jaw and facial pain is, you need to visit your dentist for X-rays.

Jaw and facial pain could be linked to several underlying conditions within your oral health. Furthermore, jaw and facial pain can arise due to sinus problems or stress related factors. Common issues of chronic jaw and facial pain include TMJ disorders, bruxism, gum disease and toothaches. Other common causes include infections, arthritis, and recent oral accidents or injuries.

If you are suffering from jaw and facial pain, visit your dentist to determine which treatments are best for you. In some cases, mouth protectors and mouth guards can prove to be highly beneficial for alleviating pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics can also work. Extensive exercises and muscle relaxants have also been able to reduce symptoms of jaw and facial pain. To treat the underlying ailments, a root canal therapy, gum disease treatments and tooth extractions can sometimes be used as well.

Treatments for jaw and facial pain can be given with the help of our team of experts. If you need a dentist in University Place, Washington, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Dennis Burrell at our office by calling us at 253-564-7645.