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Every year millions of Americans struggle to deal with some degree of dental staining. This can range in severity from minor surface stains on your front teeth to more significant dental stains that leave your tooth enamel an unsightly shade of yellow or gray.

At first, the temptation to experiment with retail tooth whitening products might be great. Many of them evoke confidence in their effectiveness through persuasive marketing claims.

Yet many fall short of people’s expectations. This might promote excessive use, which could potentially be harmful to your teeth and gums.

If you find yourself frustrated with a stubbornly stained smile, the safest option is to turn to Dr. Dennis Burrell and his associates.

After determining the severity of your dental stains he can professionally whiten your smile without harming your mouth. Then he can help you develop an effective plan to lessen your chances of suffering future dental stains.

This might call for drinking dark beverages through a straw, cutting back on certain foods, and abstaining from any tobacco use. If necessary you might occasionally brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste that has been approved for safe and effective oral use by the American Dental Association.

If you are in the University Place, Washington, region and you have been struggling to deal with chronic dental stains, you should call 253-564-7645 to schedule a consultation at the dental offices of Dr. Dennis Burrell and Associates, PC for a safe whitening treatment.