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Even if you are great at consistently brushing and flossing every single day, you may not be getting the full dental care you need. Mouthwash is the answer to getting a more well-rounded clean for your smile. It’s able to get in between the gums and teeth better than bristles and thread. It shouldn’t be used as a replacement, because it can’t scrub away plaque buildup. Use it as an addition to your daily dental regimen.

Infections and diseases such as cavities or periodontal disease can be greatly reduced by using mouthwash. Other things mouthwash can do for your smile include reducing gingivitis (an early form of gum/periodontal disease), reducing plaque buildup, speed of tartar (hardened plaque) preventing tooth decay, and freshening your breath.

Two main mouthwashes to choose from include therapeutic and cosmetic rinses. Cosmetic washes don’t reduce your risk of infections such as cavities or plaque buildup. They can temporarily reduce bad breath.

Therapeutic mouth rinses are a better option when trying to reduce cavities, plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath. This option is available over-the-counter and you may need a prescription for a certain brand or type. This can be done by your dentist. These also contain active ingredients (sometimes fluoride) helping.

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