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Endodontic therapy, which is also called root canal therapy, can be a bit scary and nerve wracking, especially if you’re not sure what to expect during your appointment. However, it’s a beneficial treatment that can help you restore your tooth and enhance your oral health. To help you know a little more about the treatment so you can feel more comfortable in the hands of your dentist, Dr. Dennis Burrell and our dental team have some information for you regarding endodontic therapy in University Place, Washington.

Endodontic therapy is necessary when the nerve or pulp of your tooth is severely infected or decayed. Oftentimes, it is so affected that the only other treatment option is tooth extraction. While sitting in the dental chair, Dr. Dennis Burrell will remove the infected tissues and will clean the tooth. Once it’s clean, he will seal it with a dental filling or, if necessary, a dental crown.

This treatment has the reputation for being painful. But, whether you believe it or not, the treatment process itself is actually less painful than the pain experienced before the treatment. It’s also no more painful than having a dental filling placed.

After the therapy, your tooth’s tissues might be swollen for a few days. This can cause sensitivity and discomfort. To help provide comfort, you can take over-the-counter pain medication to relieve the pain. Most people return to their normal activities the next day. Until then, it’s best to rest.

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