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Your best smile is possible if you’re willing to maintain effective oral health care in the face of key oral health risks that may be present. Tooth decay is one of the most common forms of dental damage, so it is important to always have effective prevention and treatment plans in place should tooth decay begin to arise. Tooth decay typically consists of the destruction of your tooth enamel, so various enamel-building methods and techniques will need to be employed.

If you have tooth decay, it’s more than likely being caused by plaque. Plaque buildup in your mouth often arises when debris and food particles are allowed to collect. To remove plaque, you always need to be washing your mouth out effectively every day with brushing and flossing routines. Furthermore, consider using nonabrasive substances such as mouthwash and chewing gum after meals. If you routinely suffer from plaque buildup, visit your dentist for routine checkups and professional cleanings.

It is important to understand the risk factors associated with tooth decay. As tooth decay progresses, a hole in a tooth forms known as a cavity. In order to properly treat a cavity, you need to fill it in with a dental filling. If you are suffering from extensive tooth decay, it is possible for teeth to begin to wear down and fall out.

Aging is a known risk factor for dental erosion and tooth decay. Because your teeth naturally age over time, you can end up wearing away your tooth enamel for no other reason other than time. To help combat this, make sure that you are not suffering from gum recession. If your gums are slowly receding back away from a tooth, more surface area of a tooth may be present, and it could eventually expose the roots of the tooth. To help prevent pulp damage after tooth loss, make sure that if you are suffering from gum recession to have it treated properly before further harm can arise.

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