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If you develop a sudden and painful throbbing in a tooth or have a tooth that is lost or broken due to a fall or accident, then of course you will want to visit the dentist for treatment as soon as possible. However, we hope that a dental emergency is not the only time that you schedule dental visits. You should schedule dental appointments regularly and whenever you have a minor tooth problem that could become severe.

Ideally, routine dental appointments should occur every six months so that our team can provide a dental cleaning and oral exam to evaluate your teeth and oral tissues and address any early signs of tooth decay, tooth wear, periodontal disease or mouth or throat cancer. However, our dentist may tell you to visit more often than every six months if you have vulnerable oral health that requires frequent care.

Here are several minor dental emergency conditions that should be seen by the dentist before they lead to a severe condition:

– Changes in the color or texture of a tooth or the oral tissues, including your tongue
– Tender gums that bleed when you brush your teeth or floss
– A persistent bad odor or taste in the mouth
– Any changes in the way your bite feels or looks, including the sudden shifting of teeth from their proper alignment
– A recent medical diagnosis of a condition or illness, or changes in your prescription or the use of a new prescription
– Other reasons to update your medical records

We encourage you to not ignore a dental problem until it becomes severe or causes you to suffer an emergency. Contact us at 253-564-7645 today if you are ready for your next routine dental appointment in University Place, Washington, or need to see Dr. Dennis Burrell for a dental concern.