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If you often don’t properly clean your smile or like to drink carbonated beverages, you may be demineralizing your tooth enamel with high amounts of acid, causing it to develop a cavity. Tooth decay should be treated before it spreads across the tooth surface and causes significant dental pain and sensitivity in the teeth. Our dentist can provide conservative cavity treatment in the form of a dental filling if the cavity is detected soon enough.

The first step in placing a dental filling is to examine the severity of the cavity through a dental exam. This will determine whether a dental filling is appropriate. Once the tooth is numb, Dr. Dennis Burrell can extract any tooth decay so that the dental filling can adhere to a smooth tooth surface.

Your options for dental filling material will depend on the function and location of the tooth. A composite dental filling may benefit a prominent tooth because it can blend seamlessly with the natural tooth color. Cavities on back teeth are often treated with amalgam dental fillings, which are visible but also very durable for teeth that grind food.

Then, we use a special ultraviolet light to cure and harden the dental filling before providing any additional treatment, such as fluoride, to further strengthen the tooth enamel.

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