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If one of your teeth was severely damaged by a crack, fracture or severe tooth decay, and required total extraction, you might be interested in contacting Dr. Dennis Burrell to explore your restoration options. In many cases, an extracted tooth can be replaced by a dental bridge.

In a case like this Dr. Dennis Burrell might recommend having the knocked out tooth replaced with a bridge.

A bridge is essentially an artificial tooth that is fused onto two crowns. The bridge will be mounted onto abutments formed out of the two closest teeth. Once your gums are healed it often requires two separate appointments.

The first appointment involves Dr. Dennis Burrell examining the two neighboring teeth to make sure they are healthy and strong enough to anchor the bridge. Then he will remove most of the enamel layer from each tooth forming the abutments.

Next, he will form an impression of the area, including the abutments and your personal bite pattern in that area. This information will be used as a guide by the dental lab that will custom make your bridge. Dr. Dennis Burrell will then cement a temporary crown over each abutment to protect it while the dental lab works on your permanent bridge.

Dr. Dennis Burrell will call you back in for your second appointment after the dental lab has completed your bridge. The temporary crowns will be removed and your permanent bridge is cemented in place.

If you’ve recently lost a tooth or had one extracted, you should call Dr. Dennis Burrell at 253-564-7645 to explore your restoration options.